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At F8, More Ways to Help Grow Your Business with Facebook Analytics

May 1, 2018 • Josh Twist

How can your analytics help your business grow? With Facebook Analytics, it's about helping you adapt to the people your business serves. Now that your customers use more channels and devices than ever to connect to you, you can use omni-channel and productivity-focused analytics tools to discover the insights that matter to your business.

This year at F8, we're launching new features to help you do just that: our omni-channel reporting tool Journeys, more automated insights, and the first Facebook Analytics mobile app.

But as we work to build the future of analytics, we take our responsibility to keep people's information safe seriously. We carefully built this product to protect people's privacy. That's why the insights we report are aggregated and anonymous; and don't contain individually identifiable information, like emails and phone numbers. As Facebook Analytics evolves, we'll make sure it's in ways that work well for both people and businesses.


Go beyond sessions with omni-channel analytics.

We've heard from businesses that it's difficult to understand how all the actions people take across their websites and apps contribute to conversions. With Journeys from Facebook Analytics, you see the paths to conversion that were visible to Facebook and made on your websites, apps, Messenger bot, and Facebook Page in a single report. Journeys tells you how long it takes people to convert, and which channels they start on. We only show Journey data in aggregate form after the number of people reaches a set threshold, and we do not report on an individual basis.

Your Journeys report visualizes an aggregated, anonymous view of the actions people take in different channels before they convert. For illustration purposes only.

What can you learn? Your Journeys report can show you if people who convert on desktop typically browse your mobile app first. Or if the people who interact with your Messenger bot ultimately convert in your mobile app, and spend more. These are insights that can help you find opportunities to make your product better, and build a stronger business.

Facebook Analytics App

Your most important metrics and reports, everywhere you go.

These days businesses are increasingly on the go: 87% of depend to some extent on their employees to access mobile business apps from their personal devices (Source: Syntonic 2016 Employer Report: BYOD Usage in the Enterprise.” Survey among 409 CEO, CFO, and CIS leaders of US companies with 100+ employees. 2016.) That's why we're introducing a new Facebook Analytics mobile app, where you can review your most important metrics on the go in a streamlined interface.

How can you use the Facebook Analytics app?

  • Check the metrics you care about most in a personalized overview tab.
  • Create dashboards with the reports you have saved on desktop.
  • Browse automated insights relevant to your business.
  • Get notifications about anomalies in your data.

You can download the Facebook Analytics mobile app now in the App Store and Google Play.

More Automated Insights

Work faster and smarter with meaningful insights about your business, generated with machine learning.

  • Auto-Detected Funnels. Get an automated view of a series of actions people take in your website and app. Funnels are one of the key features of any analytics platform. A high-level, aggregated and anonymized view of how your audience progresses through a series of actions lets you identify opportunities to optimize your apps, websites, and more. Facebook Analytics uses machine learning algorithms to surface the most frequent paths visible to Facebook that your users take within your app or website, as well as across multiple apps and/or websites.
  • Funnel Conversion Insights. We'll automatically generate valuable insights about your funnels, too. Once your auto-detected funnels are in place, Facebook Analytics is able to surface potentially valuable detailed insights, like an unusual drop-off at a certain step in your checkout process or which segments may be the most likely to successfully convert.
  • Insights Based on Custom Parameters.This will enable you to see insights such as which product or item categories you've customized in Facebook Analytics are correlated with higher retention or usage frequency. You can learn which products are your best sellers overall or with a specific audience, sections of your app or website that correlate with higher purchases for a user segment, or which promo codes or payment methods are correlated with higher average transaction sizes. We will be rolling this feature out to all businesses over the coming weeks.

Get a view of the steps towards conversion with auto-detected funnels in Facebook Analytics. For illustration purposes only.

Ready to get started?

Check out the sessions at F8 to learn about these updates and more! We'll also share more about these product enhancements over the next few weeks on this blog. If you're not on Facebook Analytics, getting started is easy. If you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your site, or App Events in your apps, then you can see your data in Facebook Analytics now.


Josh Twist
Product Manager
Facebook Analytics