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Facebook Analytics Hits 1 Million Apps, Websites, Bots and Adds New Features

April 2017 • John Connuck

We believe that a deep understanding of people, and how they interact with your business is the key to driving growth. That's why we're so excited that over one million apps, websites and bots have now used Facebook Analytics to better understand, measure, and optimize their products and customer experiences. And we're continually adding new features to the product including cross-platform metrics and analytics for businesses building bots on the Messenger Platform.

Today, we're introducing two new ways to help product managers, marketers, and developers more easily discover insights in Analytics, including

  • Ability to compare data for two customer segments side-by-side
  • Support for domain-level reporting

Easily compare performance between customer segments

Facebook Analytics lets businesses create customer segments based on specific attributes such as country, type of device used, demographics and more. By defining these segments and using them to filter your funnels and cohorts, you can better understand how different types of people are interacting with your business.

With this latest update, you can now compare two customer segments side-by-side to see how important activity, such as active users, revenue, and events, differs between them. For example, an e-commerce business can use side-by-side comparisons to answer questions such as how many people are viewing their store's weekly specials in their native iOS app vs. on their mobile website. Learn more about comparing segments in our Help Center

Find out where your customers are coming from

When we introduced cross-platform analytics, businesses gained a complete picture of customer behavior across their desktop and mobile websites, in addition to their native apps. We've expanded on this capability by adding support for referring domains, which allows you to view which websites are driving people to your business.

You'll now be able to build breakdowns to analyze events by their referring domain, or use referring domains as a condition when building a customer segment to filter your reports.

For example, that same e-commerce business can dig further into their mobile website performance to understand exactly which websites are referring the most people to their weekly specials page. To identify optimization opportunities, a segment can then be created of customers from these top referring websites to provide visibility into how this group progressed through their mobile website's purchase flow.

Grow your business with Facebook Analytics

It's easy and free to set up analytics for your business to help answer questions such as who your best customers are, where they're coming from and how well you're converting them. To get started, visit our quickstart guide for step-by-step directions.


John Connuck
Software Engineer
Facebook Analytics