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Improved Cross-Platform Analytics for Websites and Bots

April 2017 • Ram Kumar Hariharan

multiple devices

In today’s connected, multi-device world, people are constantly switching between different devices when completing a task, such as researching a product and making a purchase. They’re also interacting with your business in multiple places, such as your mobile app or website, as well as new, quickly growing platforms like bots on Messenger.

When it comes to understanding the journey people take from first discovering your business to becoming a loyal customer or engaged user, getting this full view of your analytics can help you identify growth opportunities. That’s why we’re introducing new cross-platform analytics features, including improved traffic source and URL reporting for websites, and the ability to filter analytics for bots by Facebook Page.

Better understanding your website’s performance

We recently announced an update to our web measurement capabilities with the addition of domain reporting, allowing you to see which websites are driving people to your business.

Today, we’re expanding this with support for URLs. This will allow you to view event data, such as “page views” or “add to cart”, for each page of your website. We’re also making it easier to understand where the people visiting your site are coming from with traffic source groupings for search, social, and more. Traffic sources and support for URLs are both available as parameters in breakdowns and segments. Learn more about using traffic sources in segments.


With this update, you’ll be able to get insights such as the demographics of people visiting each of your web pages, so you can better tailor your content. For example, a travel website may have many different pages, each featuring a popular vacation destination. The travel business can easily create a breakdown report to understand which web pages are viewed the most by people in different regions, in order to make better decisions around which destinations and content to promote to each.

Measuring bot performance across Facebook Pages

With support for bots on Messenger, Facebook Analytics became one of the first analytics solutions to bring transparency and actionable insights to the bot industry. Without adding any additional code, you’re able to get rich demographics about the people engaging with your bots, and view reports on messages sent and received, clicks on call-to-action buttons, and more.

For businesses that have bots associated with multiple Facebook Pages, you can now filter by Page directly from the segment builder, so you can view bot analytics for a specific Page. This means a travel business with multiple Facebook Pages for different travel destinations can use the same bot across their Pages, but be able to drill down and view how the bot performed on each Page. Learn more about analytics for bots on Messenger.


Getting started with analytics

Cross-platform analytics for websites and bots on Messenger are now available to everyone, so you can view your full customer journey across your native apps, websites, and bots. You’ll also be able to use powerful tools like segments to dive deeper into your customer activity, helping you to make better decisions and drive growth.

To set up Facebook Analytics for your business, check out our quickstart guide. It’s easy and free to get up and running with powerful, cross-platform analytics.


Ram Kumar Hariharan
Software Engineer
Facebook Analytics