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Introducing Support for Web Sessions

December 2017 • Ram Kumar Hariharan

Each time potential and current customers visit your website, they might take a number of different actions. For an e-commerce business, these actions might include browsing the business's website and viewing items during one visit, then coming back during a subsequent visit a few hours later to make a purchase.

Understanding how many times and for how long people visit your website can be valuable in helping you build a better experience. With our latest update, we've added support for session data in Facebook Analytics. Sessions are a group of actions taken by a visitor on your website within a given time period.

When viewing analytics for your website, you'll now get access to new metrics including:

  • Average Session Length: the average time people spend on your website per session
  • Median Session Length: the median time people spend on your website per session
  • Median Time Spent per User: the median time people spend on your website across all sessions
  • Number of Sessions: the number of sessions completed

No additional instrumentation is needed in order to access session data. Learn more about web sessions in our help center.


Web sessions, in addition to features such as referral URLs and UTM support, make Facebook Analytics an indispensable analytics tool for businesses. To learn more about how to use analytics to optimize your website, check out our blog post.

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