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Measure Customer Interactions on Messenger Using Facebook Analytics

September 2017 • Himanshu Baweja

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is used by businesses worldwide to raise awareness, acquire customers, enable transactions and provide services. For example, Matchazuki, a premium green tea retailer based in Thailand, uses its Facebook Page and Messenger to interact, and even transact, directly with people interested in its products.

For businesses like Matchazuki that leverage conversational commerce to engage with new and existing customers, measuring and understanding people's activities and key events on Messenger is critical. Starting today, businesses can use Facebook Analytics to view and explore their interactions with customers on Messenger.

Analyzing customer interactions on Messenger

Facebook Analytics is a powerful, omni-channel analytics solution that helps businesses measure and understand their customer journey from start to finish. With this latest update, businesses can now use the tool to see how well they're engaging with potential customers and driving people down their conversion funnel on Messenger.

Messenger activity, such as messages sent and received, are now available as part of the analytics provided in Facebook Analytics for a business's Page. The newly available metrics include active conversations, new conversations, conversations read, and more.

messenger activity graph

To better understand when people convert during the course of a conversation on Messenger, businesses can create labels, such as “Invoice Sent” or “Purchase Completed”, and apply them to specific Messenger conversations where this event has occurred. Businesses can then use Facebook Analytics to measure when these labels are added or removed.

What's more, because Facebook Analytics provides omni-channel analytics capabilities, businesses can view analytics for Messenger alongside activity on their website, mobile app, and even offline. For example, a retailer can easily build a funnel report in Facebook Analytics to measure conversion for people who chatted with them on Messenger, signed up for a newsletter on their website, and then purchased an item in their store.

Getting started with analytics for Messenger

Businesses can start viewing their analytics today by visiting and selecting the Page where they use Messenger to interact with customers. To learn more about measuring and understanding your complete customer journey with Facebook Analytics, visit


Himanshu Baweja
Software Engineer
Messenger Platform