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What's new? More automated insights

March 2018 • Sudip Biswas

From the beginning (so, almost a year ago now) we've been focused on helping you build richer understanding of the people using your products, exploring your websites and apps, and interacting with your business, faster. When we launched automated insights last year at F8, we knew we had a powerful tool to help users find relevant insights—without having to dig through the data.

Now, we're on to the next phase of this tool: insights based on multiple correlated actions taken by people across your company's websites and apps.

These insights map to people's behavior, in addition to their demographic. They'll tie to the events you tag in Facebook Analytics: registrations, ratings, levels gained and searches, and more.

How are these insights different?

The first iteration of automated insights, surfaced relevant dimension and time-based insights for you.

Dimension-based insights surface interesting patterns in dimensions like app versions or device. (“People who updated to the latest version of your app purchased more.”) While time-based insights are just what they sound like—changes over time. (“Women aged 35-50 are registering less than usual over the past month.”)

We could show you the dipping retention rates among German speakers, or higher retention for users age 18-24. You could focus identifying the most important data and taking actions--like creating a user acquisition campaign for people in that 18-24 age group—faster.

But what about behavioral patterns that were correlated with events? And people who had behaviors in common? If users tend to spend more after adding 2 products to their wishlist, that's a valuable insight you can use to optimize people's experiences and encourage the kind of behavior that helps grow your business. These insights can also indicate sooner if something isn't right.

Discover unusual patterns faster

If an insight indicates an unusual trend in your data, it's automatically marked as an Anomaly so you know to take a closer look. In our testing, anomalies can indicate something's off that you need to address right away, like a product outage.

Why is this exciting?

It's a new way to access some pretty interesting insights for your business. If you know a particular action—certain types of website engagement means users are more likely to download your mobile app, for example—you can optimize your user's experience to encourage more of that behavior.

Here's what you might learn from these insights:

  • An unexpected drop in usage (like above) from people who reach a certain level.
  • A sudden uptick in purchases from people who add items to their wishlists in their first week.
  • Increased revenue from people who rate your app or products.

Where can I find insights correlated by action?

Have you noticed the new Insights link, below the link to your Overview section? It includes these behavioral insights now, too. You'll also see Insights listed in the left hand navigation, below the link to your Overview tab. That's where you can see a full list of insights and a richer look at the data and charts your insights are based on.

Head into your account now to see your new insights at work.

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