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What's new? A faster way to access more omni-channel insights

July 15 • Pawel Kwiecien, Software Engineer

Now, you can group different entities (like apps, websites, and Pages) on the fly and access more omni-channel insights across these spaces, faster. How? An updated creation flow lets you add any app, Facebook Page, website, or Messenger bot you have access to in your Facebook Analytics account to a group—not just the entities associated with a business in Business Manager. This allows your omni-channel reporting in Analytics to include more channels, and give you a more in-depth complete view of your customer analytics so you can better measure the impact on your business goals.

Remind me: what are groups/ESGs in Facebook Analytics?

Groups are your entry point to omni-channel analytics in Facebook Analytics. Creating a group--also known as an ESG, or event source group--means you're linking multiple analytical entities--your apps, websites, Facebook Pages, and Messenger bots—so you can measure your customers' progress through omni-channel funnels, and see more in-depth omni-channel reportss in Journeys.

What does this update mean for me?

Before this change, you could only create groups with entities that were associated with a business in Business Manager. But plenty of entities—and the events that they measure—aren't. So to have a complete omni-channel view, your analytics needed to access entities, regardless of whether or not they were tagged in Business Manager.

With this more complete view, you can see how different channels impact conversion—even if the conversion doesn't take place in that channel. So if your Facebook Page is driving more higher-value purchases on your website, you can see that reflected in your analytics.

How are these groups different from the groups I've already created in Facebook Analytics?

Think of them as a lightweight version of the groups you typically create: they won't automatically save, and they won't be visible to other people who share the same Facebook Analytics account.

How do I create them?

You can create these lightweight event source groups right from your entities drop-down menu in the upper-left hand corner in your Analytics dashboard. Just check the groups you'd like to include, and click Open.

Head to our Help Center for a step-by-step look at creating groups.

Or go to your Analytics dashboard to create your own.