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Success Story: MomentCam

Beijing-based MomentCam is a multi-platform app that lets people take photos of themselves and turn them into funny cartoon caricatures using face detection. Since its 2013 launch, MomentCam has been downloaded by more than 300 million people globally, and it was one of the top-ranking apps in over 100 countries on the iOS and Google Play stores. MomentCam was also the grand prize winner of FbStart's App of the Year awards in 2015.

Using funnels from Facebook Analytics, MomentCam broke down their users' demography and discovered that Arabic speakers were having a higher failure rate. Previously, they had been debating whether to localize their app into Arabic or Portuguese first, but Facebook Analytics made this decision easy.


Using the data from Facebook Analytics, MomentCam learned how their users were experiencing the app and what features were important to them. With this data, they were able to spot bottlenecks in MomentCam’s UI and improve user experience.

monthly referrals from Facebook
increase in Monthly Active Users after implementing Facebook tools
increase in engagement on posts shared


When MomentCam was deciding between localizing the app for Portuguese-speaking users and Arabic-speaking users, they looked to Facebook Analytics. By using App Events, they noticed that users in Egypt had a higher face detection failure rate, and that was a bottleneck to the app's success. With this insight, MomentCam decided to localize the app, by adding an in-app tutorial and improving the UI, for Arabic-speaking users despite having more Portuguese-speaking users. They managed to increase their face detection success rate from 78% to 82% overall, and from 71% to 77% for Arabic-speaking users.

Facebook Analytics is also used to measure the effectiveness of other Facebook tools that they have integrated. One of these tools is Sharing. By tracking the number of shares and clicks on shared posts each day, they could estimate the effectiveness of the day's cartoon. For example, they noticed that caricatures related to trending events and caricatures of couples attracted much more shares. With this insight, they started focusing on event-related and couple caricatures, achieving a 3X increase in engagement on posts shared.

Using MomentCam, people can quickly express their feelings with personalized caricatures in just a few clicks. This is done via Messenger. People can open the app right from Messenger and make their own personalized and animated response, and their friends are able to do the same. This integration increased engagement with the app by 25%.