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3 ways travel businesses
can increase revenue with Analytics

1. Optimize for multiple devices and platforms

Travelers use multiple devices to research and plan the itinerary for their trips. Many people start on their phones and use your mobile app to read reviews or to check availability and prices. Then they might go to a laptop or desktop computer to purchase their trip.

A recent study found that 53% of people who own 2 devices switch between them to complete tasks or activities. 77% of people who have 3 or more devices do the same. Unfortunately, few travel services are aware of this end-to-end customer journey. Even fewer actively optimize for it.

With Facebook Analytics, you'll get a complete picture of the customer journey. Our cross-platform analytics help you understand how your customers move between the web, the mobile web, and your native apps and mobile devices. Using this rich data and our powerful segments and demographics, you can truly understand your customers. This lets you answer questions like how many people search for trips or view trip content on my app, but later purchase on the web? Analytics can even help you do this with customers who aren't logged into your website or app.

Additionally, we integrate with Apple tvOS, so you can view analytics about your tVOS integration and apps in addition to your website and native mobile apps.

2. Get to know who your best customers are

Understanding your audience is the key to growth. With Analytics, you can filter your audience to create a segment of just your most valuable customers: the people who buy from you most often or who spend the most money on purchases. This allows you to learn from them by focusing on their demographics and behaviors.

Analytics offers the most detailed view of your users with extensive anonymized and aggregated demographics including including age, gender, job titles, education level, relationship status and more. We can even tell you which Facebook Pages your top customers have liked.

These insights help marketing teams identify new advertising opportunities, create targeted content, and reach related audiences. They also help product development teams identify new areas of focus and measure the impact of their optimizations.

3. Re-engage people at critical stages in their journey

Retention is the amount of active users that return to your app and keep using it over time. It's a primary measure of engagement and success used by most businesses. Push notifications are a powerful way you can increase retention. Successful apps have used push notification campaigns to improve their retention by up to 180%.

Analytics offers you free, customizable push campaigns that allow you to precisely target notifications to people based on the actions they take in your app. You can automate push campaigns to instantly re-engage your users when they meet a set of criteria. For example, if a customer adds a flight to their cart, but doesn't purchase within 24 hours, you create a push notification that gets sent to them automatically.

Beyond push notifications, Analytics also lets you send in-app notifications that appear directly to people while they're using your app. With in-app notifications, it's easy to design beautiful media cards that will be displayed directly in your app. You can embed text, animated GIFs, emoji, and more. It's also easy to design the card to match the brand of your app. There aren't any limits on push campaigns and they're completely free to use.

Travel Businesses Using Analytics

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Why do travel businesses choose Analytics?

  • You'll get near real-time reports—all your data is available in minutes, not days or hours
  • We integrate directly with Facebook ads and Custom Audiences, so you can easily target ad campaigns to the people that are similar to your most valuable customers
  • You can add data from your own customer relationship management (CRM) system or user profiles and then use Facebook's demographics to get even greater insights

Quotes from Yara Paoli Director of Growth, Skyscanner
Using the cohorts and funnel features in Facebook Analytics, as well as other in-house tracking systems, we noticed that people would open the app but disengage relatively quickly. We decided to experiment with on-boarding messages, and we also developed a better user flow which doubled our Facebook Login rate overnight.
Yara Paoli
Director of Growth, Skyscanner