Features designed to give you the full picture


See how people learn about your business and become users and customers, across devices and channels.


Visualize people’s progress to conversion through their actions across your Page and website, mobile and desktop, and more.


Accurately measure people’s retention over time.

Lifetime Value

Discover how much different groups of people spend over time and find new ways to increase revenue.
People-first analytics

More tools to understand the people you connect to.


Get a full view of how people interact with you across your website, apps, Facebook Page, and bots in one report.


Group your audience across any number of dimensions—from demographics to behaviors—to understand how different groups engage with your business.


From new visitors to loyal customers, Facebook helps you get to know your audience through including age range, geography, and language.

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Whether your goal is reaching new customers and users, building products, or growing revenue, we have features that can help.

Meaningful insights, surfaced automatically.

Facebook Analytics uses machine learning to analyze and monitor your data, saving time and helping you take action more quickly (beta).

Designed to work with Facebook

Facebook Analytics works with Facebook Pixel, SDK for iOS and Android, Pages, Messenger and more, so your business can get started quickly.

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Check important metrics from anywhere and get notifications about unusual patterns and trends.

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Understand your complete customer journey across channels—from your website to your Facebook Page.

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