Powerful product analytics

Understand and optimize your complete customer journey across channels.

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Understand and optimize customer behavior

Measure and understand the actions people take in your app, website, and other channels with support for over 1,000 custom event types. Find out how people engage with your business so you can optimize conversion and retention.
Discover exactly where you're losing people in your signup and purchase flows, or any series of events. Funnels help you identify where people are having trouble so you can increase your conversion rates.
Keep an eye on purchase behavior with reports for measuring purchasers and revenue earned over time. See how improvements you make to your funnel and customer experience impact purchases.
See how well you're engaging and retaining your customers. Use this data to measure how changes you make to your product and customer experience are increasing retention over time.
Build custom cohorts to measure retention for any two actions you care about, and understand how performance and lifetime value changes over time as you make improvements to your product and customer experience.
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Dive deeper and re-engage your audience

Understand the people interacting with your business at a deeper level with rich, aggregated demographics that include age, gender, location, interests, job titles and many more.
Segment your audience based on powerful filters such as demographics, channel, traffic source, and more to see how different groups of people engage with your business.
Custom Audiences
Identify groups of people you want to reach, such as your top customers, and easily create custom audiences and lookalike audiences to engage them.
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Unify your analytics and increase productivity

People move across devices and channels, such as your app and website, before and after they become customers. We unify customer activity across channels for you, even if they haven't registered with your business yet. Learn more.
Get valuable insights surfaced automatically. Facebook Analytics uses advanced machine learning to slice and dice your data for you, saving time and helping you take action more quickly (beta).
Easily pin your most important reports in one place, so you and your team can keep an eye on how your business is performing at a glance (beta).
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Send free, customizable push and in-app notifications

Push Campaigns
Create free, customizable push and in-app notification campaigns based on the actions people take in your app. Use photos, animated GIFs, buttons and more to engage your audience.
Push Notifications
Running a sale or special offer? Customers leaving items in their carts? Schedule one-time or continuous campaigns to reach your audience with the right message at the right time.
In-App Notifications
Customize your in-app notifications with photos, animated GIFs, buttons and more. Optimize the design and text to improve your user experience and increase clickthrough.
Push Insights
Set up free, customizable push and in-app notifications based on the actions people take, such as abandoning their cart, completing a level and more.

Know your audience, grow your business

Use Facebook Analytics alongside your other tools to get the full view of your customer journey across channels, including Facebook Pages and bots on Messenger.

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