Analytics for Apps Features

Understand and reach your audience with our powerful tools.

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Measure your activity, optimize for conversion

Explore the actions that people take in your app. Facebook Analytics for Apps lets you measure the key actions you care about—such as installs, opens, content views, searches, adding items to a cart, and purchasing—with support for 1,000 custom events.
Measure your conversion and discover when your customers are having trouble using your app. Whether a checkout flow is asking for too much information, a game level is too hard to beat or there's a bug in a new release, funnels help you get to the bottom of the problem.
Measure your business with data on purchasers, revenue and purchase behavior. Then optimize the customer experience by setting up funnels to measure conversion and find out where people have barriers to purchasing.
Understand how your new customers perform when compared to existing customers, then see how your optimization affects user behavior and activity. Cohorts help you understand customer retention and lifetime value.
Dive into your app usage data by factors like location, aggregated demographics, technology and more to get a deeper understanding of the groups of people using your app.
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Know your audience, then engage them

Segments are powerful filters that help you answer questions about the groups of people using your app. Understand your customers better with all the rich insights that Facebook can provide.
Understand the people using your app with aggregated demographics that include age, gender, location, education, interests, job titles and many more.
Custom Audiences
Define groups of people you want to reach, then use targeted advertising to engage them. Create "lookalikes" to find new people who are just like your best customers.
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Free, customizable push and in-app notifications

Push Campaigns
Create free, customizable push and in-app notification campaigns based on the actions people take in your app. Use photos, animated GIFs, buttons and more to engage your audience.
Push Notifications
Running a sale or special offer? Customers leaving items in their carts? Schedule one-time or continuous campaigns to reach your audience with the right message at the right time.
In-App Notifications
Customize your in-app notifications with photos, animated GIFs, buttons and more. Optimize the design and text to improve your user experience and increase clickthrough.
Push Insights
Set up free, customizable push and in-app notifications based on the actions people take, such as abandoning their cart, completing a level and more.