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Features for every business goal

Get a comprehensive view of how people interact with your business.


Get a better understanding of who your users are through aggregated data like age, gender, town/city and more.

Journeys report

Get a full view of how people interact with you across your website, apps, Facebook Page and bots in one report.


Group your audience based on powerful filters such as demographics, channels, behaviours and traffic source to see how different groups engage with your business.


Measure and understand the actions that people take in your app, website and other channels with support for over 1,000 different custom event types (no limit on total events logged). Use up to 25 parameters to describe each event.

Event source groups

Measure across channels such as your app, website and Facebook Page with custom event source group.


How many of the people visiting your website also comment on your Facebook Page? Get the answers with overlap reports.

Whether you're reaching new customers and users, building products or growing revenue, our features help you achieve your business goals.


Measure how many people are completing a series of steps such as "add to basket" and "purchase" to see how effectively you're driving conversions.


Track how the changes you make to your product and customer experience are affecting retention over time.


Build cohort reports to measure the percentage of people who take two specific actions, such as Page view and registration, and see how this changes over time.


Keep an eye on purchase activity with reports for measuring purchase behaviour and revenue earned over time. See how improvements you make to your funnel and customer experience affect revenue.

Lifetime value

Measure the total revenue your customers generate over time to help inform your advertising and product investments.


Slice and dice your events across any number of dimensions. See Page views by referral source and UTMs, and break down purchases by item, SKU and more.

Automated Insights

Get valuable insights surfaced automatically. Facebook Analytics uses advanced machine learning to analyse and monitor your data, saving time and helping you take action more quickly (beta).

Custom dashboards

Pin your most important reports in one place, so you and your team can see business performance at a glance.


Answer questions such as how many purchases the top 10% of your customers make.

Custom Audiences

Identify interesting segments of your audience, such as the people who interact with you the most, and create Custom Audiences that you can engage with Facebook ads.

Lookalike Audiences

Easily create Lookalike Audiences to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business.

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Understand your complete customer journey across channels – from your website to your Facebook Page.

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