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Check your impact on the go with the Facebook Analytics mobile app.

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Monitor your most important metrics, when and where you want.

The Facebook Analytics mobile app lets you check your most important metrics from anywhere. Create a custom dashboard for your website, mobile app, Facebook Page, Messenger bot or event source group that lets you check revenue, retention, lifetime value, conversion and more, so you know if you're reaching your goals.



Lifetime value


Change course faster with up-to-date alerts about trends in your data.

Get notifications about unusual trends and patterns in your data. With your permission, the app will send you push notifications about unusual trends and anomalies in your data so you can make strategic marketing and product decisions faster. Here's how that might look: if your revenue unexpectedly rises (or drops) for one of your segments, you'll receive a push notification so you can check the app to understand what's going on.

“We rely on the Facebook Analytics app to allow us to access our data anytime, anywhere, so we can respond quickly to our users, partners, and investors with the insights they expect.”

Sanghoon Kang

CEO, Screw Bar Inc.

Customize your view so you see what matters most, first.

Create charts and customize your dashboard right from your phone or iPad. See your breakdown tables and cohorts, and filter segments you saved on the web to your charts directly from your phone. Your charts and updates will carry over from your desktop experience, too, so you can easily move between your app and desktop.

Get rich insights into your audience the way only Facebook can.

The Facebook Analytics mobile app offers powerful ways to help you understand who your most valuable customers are, via anonymized, aggregated data, just like on desktop. For new and loyal customers alike, you can get to know your most important audiences across age, gender, geography and language. And since Facebook Analytics can identify audiences across multiple channels, you can be confident that you're not seeing inflated metrics.

Rich Insights

Download the Facebook Analytics mobile app for free.