Omni-channel analytics

Unify analytics across web, mobile and more to understand your complete customer journey.

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All of your data in one place

Facebook Analytics shows you people's interactions with your business across iOS, Android, web, bots and Facebook Pages - all in one place.

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People-centric analytics

Existing tools fail to understand when the same people are interacting with your business on different devices or channels. Facebook Analytics measures across channels to give you the full picture.

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Easy setup

No need to worry about setting up user IDs to unify customer behavior across channels. We've made it easy to combine analytics for web, mobile, bot, and other channels in just a few minutes.

Understand your complete customer journey

Combine Facebook's rich audience insights with behavioral data, like how people interact with your site, app, bot, Page and other channels to get a complete view of the customer journey before and after conversion.

Understanding your entire customer journey helps you identify points in your funnels and product experience that are working well or could be improved, so you can make better decisions that drive growth. By focusing on people, and how they interact with your business, you'll be able to create a unified, optimized customer experience no matter which devices and channels people choose to use.

Easily measure across channels

People move across multiple devices and channels when interacting with your business. That means measuring their activity, and getting an accurate count of key metrics, can be challenging.

Traditional analytics tools require you to provide a user ID for each interaction in order to stitch together people's behavior, which means people need to be registered and logged into your app, website, and other channels in order for you to measure their full customer journey.

Facebook Analytics solves this by providing omni-channel analytics out-of-the-box. This means you can understand the full journey people go through both before and after they register or become customers, helping you to build better experiences that bring people in and keep them coming back.

Know your audience, grow your business

Use Facebook Analytics alongside your other tools to get the full view of your customer journey across channels, including Facebook Pages and bots on Messenger.

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