All your analytics in one place
Facebook Analytics for Apps shows you how people engage with your business across devices, platforms and websites so you can get a clear picture of your customer activity.
Your data, Our demographics
Understand your customer better by combining your customer data with our demographics, retention and conversion reports.
Facebook knows growth
We built Analytics for Apps to help you grow with the same tools we use: segments, retention, funnels, breakdowns and more.
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Why choose Facebook Analytics for Apps?

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Powerful demographics

Explore rich insights about your audience, see how they use your app and learn about their activity on Facebook. And you don’t need to use Facebook Login.

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Tools for growth

Build audiences that you can target with Facebook ad campaigns. Keep your audience engaged and find new groups of people based on your best customers.

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Used by top apps

Apps logging billions of app events per day use Facebook Analytics for Apps. We can scale to meet your needs as you grow—and it's all free.

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Unified analytics

Facebook Analytics for Apps brings together web and app analytics so that it's easy to understand how your business is performing. Get powerful cross-platform analytics.

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Quotes from Roman Zhdanov Head of Marketing, Plarium
Facebook Analytics for Apps improved our purchase rate from 15% to 20% by showing us that older audiences convert better.
Roman Zhdanov
Head of Marketing, Plarium

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Push Campaigns

Set up free, customizable push and in-app notifications based on the actions people take, such as abandoning their cart, completing a level and more.

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Key features

Increase your retention
Most apps lose the majority of their users in the first week. We’ve made it easy to understand and improve your retention rate so that you can grow with confidence.
Optimize for conversion
Measure conversion for any sequence of actions people take in your app. Find out when customers have trouble using your app, such as when a checkout flow is too long or a game level is too hard to beat.
Use powerful demographics
Get to know the groups of people using your app by using aggregated demographics from Facebook: age, gender, location, languages, education, interests and many more.
Understand your audiences
Use segments to understand the groups of people using your app by their actions, devices, demographics and more. Filter your data to find out how specific audiences use your app.
See your best customers
We show you how your best customers use your app. Then we make it easy to build new audiences based on people who spend the most or who are the most engaged.
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New from our blog

Posted last Wednesday
by Ram Kumar Hariharan
Introducing new cross-platform analytics features, including improved traffic source and URL reporting for websites, and the ability to filter analytics for bots by Facebook Page.

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