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Measure the Business Impact of Instagram and Pages (Beta)

November 1, 2018 • Josh Twist

How many times have you shared some new fascinating stats about your Instagram strategy with your team, only to hear: “That's great, but what does it have to do with conversion? How do all these engagement numbers actually relate to revenue?”

At Facebook Analytics, our core quest is to help marketers understand how their content and channel strategies actually drive real business results. As part of that charter, we're excited to announce a major addition to Facebook Analytics: our Instagram Account and advanced Page analytics beta! Instagram Account analytics are a brand-new addition to our suite, and Facebook Page analytics are expanding to cover all the ways people engage with your business through your Page.

How does your Instagram strategy drive business results?

Instagram offers businesses a powerful forum for connecting with customers: 80% of all accounts on Instagram (more than 1 billion accounts total) follow a brand (Instagram Internal Data, March 2017). Thanks to Instagram Insights, you can already see how people interact with your posts and Stories — but what do those people do next, and (most importantly) what does it mean for your success?

If Instagram already plays a significant role in your marketing strategy—or you think it should, and you need more data to confirm this hypothesis—Facebook Analytics can help.

To view Instagram and Facebook Page analytics, simply use the tools you already use in Facebook Analytics—like funnels, segments, and omni-channel groups--to:

  • Discover whether people who comment on or like Instagram posts have higher retention rates.
  • Compare the lifetime value of people who interact with your Instagram account to those who don't.
  • Create segments: e.g., all the people who commented on one of your posts—and analyze the value they bring to your business.
  • Understand your Instagram audience overlaps with the people downloading your app, or visiting your website, or even engaging with your Facebook Page.

Go beyond reactions: Advanced analytics for Facebook Pages

Today, you can already create segments and analyze Facebook Page performance at the post level. Now, beta advanced Page analytics give you a broader view of the impact of your Page by including more valuable events (defined as actions people take on your Page), including Post Impression, Page follow/unfollow, Page like/unlike, and more. You can view and analyze these events with any of the features you already use in Facebook Analytics.

That means you can create new audience segments of people who engage in certain ways, track funnel conversion from social engagement to purchase, compare audience demographics by channel and activity, and more.

How do I get access?

Currently, we’re unable to accept requests for access to this beta. We’ll announce new opportunities for access as they become available.