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3 ways game companies
can increase conversion with Analytics

1. Optimize your player's experience across platforms

People who play games use multiple devices as they play. Many people start playing a game on their phones and later continue where they left off on a tablet, desktop or laptop computer. A recent study found that 53% of people who own 2 devices switch between them to complete tasks or activities. 77% of people who have 3 or more devices do the same. Unfortunately, few game companies are aware of this end-to-end customer journey. Even fewer actively optimize for it.

With Analytics, you'll get a complete picture of the customer journey. Our cross-platform analytics help you understand how your customers move between the web, the mobile web, and your native apps and mobile devices. Using this rich data and our powerful segments and demographics, you can truly understand your customers.

We support up to 1,000 unique events and there's no limit on the number of events you log. You can get as detailed as you need to in order to measure people's actions in your game. We also provide fully customizable funnel reports that help you find the areas where players are getting stuck in your game, such as a level that's too hard to beat. We've also made it easy to get analytics across platforms and devices. We support sending game events with iOS, Android, Unity, Javascript, and using our API. You can even view analytics across multiple games using event source groups, which allow you to view combined analytics across mobile and web games—even if your players aren't logged in.

2. Get to know who your most valuable players are

Understanding your most valuable players is the key to growth. With Analytics, you can filter your audience to create a segment of just your best players: the people who play the most often and/or who spend the most money on purchasing items in your game. This allows you to learn from them by focusing on their demographics and behaviors.

Analytics has built-in revenue reporting that makes it easy to track your in-game economy. It also provides reports on player retention and lifetime value (LTV), including LTV by cohorts of people that you define. Our powerful segments act as filters that help you find your most valuable players. Segments let you view any reports in Analytics just for this audience so that you can understand how they behave and what actions they take.

Analytics also offers the most detailed view of your most valuable players by providing extensive anonymized and aggregated demographics including including age, gender, job titles, education level, relationship status and more. We can even tell you which Facebook Pages your most valuable players have liked.

3. Reach your existing customers and discover new ones

Analytics integrates directly with Facebook ads and Custom Audiences. By using our Percentiles tool, you can understand exactly how much your most valuable players spend and then reach them with targeted advertising.

By clicking the Create Audience button, you can create a “lookalike audience,” which finds new potential customers that are predicted to behave similar to best customers you already have. This allows you to target campaigns to your new lookalike audience that introduce them to your service, test value proposals, offer discounts on new subscriptions and more.

Gaming Companies Using Analytics

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Why do gaming companies choose Analytics?

  • You'll get near real-time reports—all your data is available in minutes, not days or hours
  • Free, customizable push campaigns with rich in-app notifications that help you automate your marketing based on the actions players take
  • You can add data from your own player database or user profiles and then use Facebook's demographics to get even greater insights

Quotes from Angelina Surnina Chief Marketing Officer, Murka
Facebook Analytics is the only solution in the market that gives comprehensive and versatile access to insights for us to improve player engagement. For instance, by creating a custom event to identify people who didn't claim the daily bonus, we were able to target them with clear communication and increase engagement with them by 13%.
Angelina Surnina
Chief Marketing Officer, Murka